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The Illuminate Salon’s leadership team is extremely committed to our community and sees our salon as a vibrant and responsible member. With that philosophy, we make all efforts to support our fellow community members in need as it aligns with our vision and purpose.

Illuminate Salon is a co-op of independent contractors working toward the same mission and purpose. Structured as such, Illuminate’s leadership defers all charitable giving to the stylists who make up this co-op, both individually and as a group.

When appropriate, Illuminate will assist in communication between with the co-op and non-profit representation to help insure mutual goals are achieved. That being said it is the ultimately responsibility of the co-op as a group and/or individually to contract, construct and donate for all charitable activity.


-The Illuminate Salon cooperative group of independent contractors’ sole focus during their scheduled service time is their clients and their needs. Out of respect for this commitment, please schedule an appointment in advance to speak with Illuminate’s designated community lead for the specific project. Drop-ins are not welcome.

-Constructs for charitable giving will be made between the independent contractors and the non-profit directly. All participating contractors will be listed and liable in the construct of any project or agreement.

-Illuminate Salon imagery and branding collateral is under the express control of Illuminate’s leadership team. Any use without permission from the leadership team is prohibited. Please contact Illuminate’s designated marketing lead with any questions, concerns or applications for use.

-In an effort to maintain brand integrity, Illuminate strives to discourage conflicts of interest where it may apply to marketing, advertising, association or promotion. Illuminate reserves the right to deny projects or agreements at its discretion with any organization.